American Legion Park in Fargo

Looking across the Red River at American Legion Park, Aug-2005.

The main seating bowl, from the right-field bleachers.

The field overlooks the Red River; a prodigious left-field line shot may land in Minnesota.

Quick Facts:
Williams Field at American Legion Park has hosted the American Legion national tournament three times. In 1996, the expansion Fargo-Moorhead Red Hawks of the Northern League opened their season here before moving into their new park on the North Dakota State campus, a mile and a half west of here.

The park is located right on the Red River, which separates Fargo from its twin city, Moorhead, Minn. At this point, the cities are connected by a toll bridge. A prominent sign placed by the City of Fargo advises passers-by that the river is the field’s water supply.

A small area on the first-base side is designated Roger Maris Gardens. Career stats and accomplishments for Maris, who spent his formative years in Fargo, are posted there. There is a separate Maris exhibit at the West Acres Mall, three miles away.

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