Scaggs Field

Walking up to Scaggs Field at Meridian Community College, Aug-2008.

The seating areas and press box, as seen from shallow right field.

Looking out at the field from in front of the press box.

Quick Facts:
Meridian Community College has had a successful baseball program ever since its merger with Harris Junior College in the early 1970s. The Eagles are a perennially strong contender in NJCAA Region 23, and having a nice field to play on is always a bonus.

The short-lived Big South League placed a team here for two seasons in the late 1990s. For those two years, the Meridian Brakemen called the field The Railyard. I do not know what name, if any, the college used for the field in those days. The facility was dedicated to former college president Dr. William F. Scaggs prior to the 1999 season.

It appears that a section of bleachers along the third-base side has been removed. These bleachers were apparently taken out at some point prior to the summer of 2004, and they have not been replaced. The rest of the bleachers are wood resting on an aluminum frame, a setup that probably goes back to the origin of the field.

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