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Main entrance to Regency Furniture Stadium, Jun-2008.

The main seating bowl, seen from a spot next to the right-field foul pole.

The view from the third-base side. The view from behind the plate is obscured by a thick net.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
Charles County, Maryland, is a rapidly growing region southeast of Washington, D.C., and Waldorf is its shopping mecca. There is now enough of a population center here that a professional baseball team can be supported, even though the park is a mere 30 miles from the nationís capital, which has a major league team of its own, and about the same distance from Bowie.

The biggest problem with Regency Furniture Stadium, named for a local chain, is that local officials could not find a very convenient place to build a park. The facility is more than three miles off the main drag, US 301, and over six miles from anyplace that could be called downtown Waldorf. If not for the fact that the area is essentially a pine barrens rather than an agricultural region, one might think they plopped the stadium in the middle of a cornfield, like in that movie.

The good news is that unlike many of these parks that are built in remote areas, there is no fee for parking here. The ticket prices are on the high side for independent baseball, as box seats cost $13 at the parkís opening in 2008 (and they now collect 10% tax on top of that as of 2017), but concession prices are reasonable.

What inning is it?
The park itself features a two-deck luxury box and press box building, as well as a covered concession stand area on the concourse. You can walk all the way around the concourse, but your view will be obstructed by a picnic pavilion down the left-field line. There is a kidsí play area down the right-field line. The main scoreboard features post-up numbers, but there are also LED auxiliary scoreboards mounted in front of the concession stands which also display the time of day and upcoming promotions. In addition, there is a video board in right field.

Itís a nice, cozy ballpark that would suit me better if it had any sense of place whatever. (And yes, I did notice the pun in the name of the new street the park is on.)

Game # Date League Level Result
923 Sat 21-Jun-2008 Atlantic Ind. SOUTHERN MARYLAND 8, Lancaster 3
1378 Sun 24-May-2015 Atlantic Ind. SOUTHERN MARYLAND 1, Lancaster 0
1546 Sat 13-May-2017 Atlantic Ind. Somerset 8, SOUTHERN MARYLAND 2, 1st
1547 Sat 13-May-2017 Atlantic Ind. SOUTHERN MARYLAND 8, Somerset 3, 2d
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