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Winnipeg Stadium

Outside of Winnipeg Stadium, Aug-2005. The short seating in front surrounded home plate in 1995.

This photo looks in at what was the home-plate seating for baseball (in the far corner, to the left of the scoreboard).

Quick Facts: Rating: 1 baseball
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League are the primary tenants of Winnipeg Stadium (which, as of 2005, had a Canadian hotel chain as a corporate sponsor).

I understand that the home plate was in the southwest corner of the stadium until the Blue Bombers built offices at that end. I have no idea what baseball was played there before the Northern League Goldeyes began play in 1994 (having moved from Rochester, Minn.), but by the time I got there, the plate was in the northwest corner (visible in the second photo above) and the left-field fence was unusually short.

My 1995 photos of the stadium were underdeveloped because of a rainstorm the night I saw the game, and so I was forced to return in 2005, ahead of a visit to the Goldeyes’ new home, and I was not able to get into the stadium when I saw it again. I took the second photo above through a hole in a gate.

Game # Date League Level Result
174 Tue 8-Aug-1995 Northern Ind. WINNIPEG 4, Sioux Falls 2
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