Chronological Tour: Stop 293

A Study in Primary Colors

The home-plate entrance to Champion Window Field, Jul-2005.

The seats here are bright red, yellow, and blue, along with two sections in green.

A home-team batter stands in.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
The Florence Freedom announced plans to build a new park in town for the 2004 season. While they waited, they played one season about 40 miles away, at Foundation Field in Hamilton, Ohio.

In 2004, the Freedom were playing at this new facility, but the place was incomplete. One observer said, “It looked like a truck stop” – perhaps appropriate for its location along the freeway 13 miles south of Cincinnati, but not exactly appealing for a ball game.

Fortunately, new ownership took over for 2005, and the exterior was completed in brickface. Meanwhile, with the exception of two seating sections in forest green, the park is a study in primary colors. The railings are in red, along with the outermost seating sections. The park also features blue seats behind the plate and yellow seats down the lines. Most of the seating is on a single level with a concourse behind it, although there is some premium seating on the press box level.

Game # Date League Level Result
756 Fri 29-Jul-2005 Frontier Ind. FLORENCE 8, Windy City 2
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