Katy Stadium

Exterior of Katy Stadium including the ticket booth, Sep-2011.

The stands here are only on the third-base side; the press box is of much newer vintage.

A look at the field from the grandstand.

Quick Facts:
Katy Stadium was built as a WPA project in 1936. The stadium appears to have been built for another purpose, perhaps football or even rodeo, but it became a baseball park by 1946, when Chanute wound up with a team in the Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri League during the post-war minor league boom. The city has not had a pro team since 1950, but this park remains.

The field at Katy Stadium is dedicated to Paul Lindblad, a Chanute native who debuted with the Kansas City Athletics in 1965 and spent 14 seasons as a relief pitcher, mostly with the A’s but also appearing briefly with the Rangers and Yankees.

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