Owen J. Bush Stadium

Home-plate entrance to Owen J. Bush Stadium, Aug-2007.

Another exterior view, this one from the right-field corner.

A look inside the park, from down the left-field line.

Quick Facts:
The Indianapolis Indians, who have been continuously operated since 1902, moved for the 1931 season to this ballpark, named Perry Stadium by owner Norm Perry in honor of his late brother James. In 1942, it was renamed Victory Field in encouragement of the war effort, and then it became named after former major leaguer and former team owner Owen J. Bush in 1967.

The club, which has only been affiliated with the Cleveland Indians for five years in its greater than a century of operation, moved to the new Victory Field 11-Jul-1996. After the move, the city converted the ballpark into the 16th Street Speedway, but that usage ended after just a few years and the sign proclaiming the speedway became deteriorated. Interestingly, 16 Street takes one from downtown Indianapolis to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway; the ballpark is about halfway along the route.

In August 2013, the stadium structure reopened as loft housing. The shape of the infield has been preserved in a courtyard.

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