Halliwell Park

Exterior of Bill Derham Memorial Field in Halliwell Park, Aug-2002.

Another view of the bleacher, press box, and concession stand.

Quick Facts:
With the field closed, my photo-taking ability at Pocatello was limited. Even more limited is my knowledge of this ballpark.

Teams played in the Pioneer League in Pocatello from 1946 to 1965, and then took an 18-season absence. When the league returned, they played at this facility, which was built after the original Halliwell Park was demolished to make room for a shopping mall. (Thanks to Fred Sagebaum of Butte, Mont., for that detail. Also, according to another site visitor, the original Halliwell Park was named for local pharmacist and baseball enthusiast Jack Halliwell.)

The park had one final fling for pro ball in 1993, when the team from Salt Lake moved here for one season before heading to Ogden to become the Raptors. The team left Salt Lake so that a new stadium, which became home to the Triple-A Salt Lake Buzz, could be built around the old ball field.

When I arrived in 2002, the facility, which is still used for American Legion baseball, had received the label Bill Derham Memorial Field.

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