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Veterans Memorial Stadium II

The front of Veterans Memorial Stadium, including the war memorial.

The seating bowl and roof, from the left-center field concourse.

Here, the netting stretches all the way to field level without a curb, so field level seats are actually at field level.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
Veterans Memorial Stadium opened in 2002, replacing a previous incarnation from 1949, about 300 feet to the southeast, which was torn down after the 2001 season. Just outside the park at home plate is the actual memorial to veterans of all wars from the Civil War to Gulf War II.

The biggest shortcoming I found with Cedar Vet II was its access and egress. There's only one entrance to the park, off the parking lot in left field – and there's only the one exit, too. Emergency exits are not opened to let fans get out into the parking lot after the game.

The park looks nice enough, but it seems the current management has bent over backward to make things uncomfortable for the fans. This includes the overuse of between-innings video and between-batters music. The park itself is sunken from the concourse / parking lot level, although the lay of the land makes field level about even with the surrounding outfield ground.

On a return visit in 2015, a capacity crowd, combined with a number of stations for charity silent auctions, combined to make the concourse nearly impassable.

On the plus side, the park features a marquee board for the starting lineups, which is uncommon; I've also seen it at Centennial Field in Burlington, Vt., and Principal Park in Des Moines.

The field naming sponsor, Perfect Game USA, is a provider of amateur scouting services and tournaments.

Game # Date League Level Result
606 Wed 30-Jul-2003 Midwest A Wisconsin 6, CEDAR RAPIDS 3
1419 Sat 29-Aug-2015 Midwest A Kane County 6, CEDAR RAPIDS 2, 1st
1420 Sat 29-Aug-2015 Midwest A Kane County 4, CEDAR RAPIDS 3, 9 inn, 2d
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