JetBlue Park

The handsome exterior of JetBlue Park after a rainstorm, Aug-2016.

Looking in from right field.

The view from behind the plate, including the Green Monster of Florida.

Quick Facts:
JetBlue Park is the centerpiece of Fenway South, the new Red Sox complex that opened in 2012 just outside of Fort Myers. This field replaced City of Palms Park closer to downtown as the primary field for Red Sox exhibition games.

I took these photos after a morning Gulf Coast League game on one of the outer fields. The GCL team often uses JetBlue Park for their games, but that day’s contest was relocated to an outer field because of the risk of rain, which did fall as I was photographing this stadium, which was built to roughly the dimensions of Fenway Park, complete with Pesky’s Pole and the Green Monster. There are even Monster Seats atop the left-field wall.

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