Melching Field

Home plate entrance to Melching Field, Aug-2012.

A glance at the seating bowl from down the third-base line.

Quick Facts:
Melching Field was built primarily for the Hatters of Stetson University; the main campus is seven blocks north of the field. The facility is on the site of old Conrad Park, the Hatters’ previous baseball home. (Yes, the Hatters name is in honor of John B. Stetson, the haberdasher, who made his winter home in DeLand in the 1880s and became associated with what was then DeLand Academy.)

When a hurricane struck Daytona Beach in 2004, the Daytona Cubs were unable to play at Jackie Robinson Ballpark on City Island because of structural damage, so they quickly relocated one series to Melching Field.

I was not able to get into Melching Field on my 2012 visit.

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