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Dodd Stadium

Home plate entrance to Sen. Thomas J. Dodd Memorial Stadium, Aug-2011.

The seating bowl, built for Double-A ball, hosting a New York-Penn League game 16 years later.

The view from behind the plate looks out over advertisements and trees.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
The toughest part of attending a game at Dodd Stadium is getting there.

There are two roads in, and they lead through an industrial park. The field can be approached by a long winding road off Conn. Route 2, or by another road that parallels the Connecticut Turnpike (I-395).

Is the drive worth it? Dodd Stadium is nice enough, but I really didnít see anything here that was unusual or outstanding. The fieldís at the top of a hill, so it really doesnít look out on anything except a few surrounding trees.

Despite this, the field has been visited by ESPN. The main reason was the appearance of New York Yankees pitching prospect Hideki Irabu during the 1997 season.

After eight seasons as a New York Yankees affiliate, the Navigators became a San Francisco Giants farm club in 2003. The Yankees are now associated with the Trenton Thunder.

In 2006, the club changed its name to the Connecticut Defenders, dumping the Gator mascot that had been confusing as there isnít an alligator to be found outside of captivity within hundreds of miles of Norwich Business Park. Then, in 2009, the team announced that it would no longer be defending Connecticut but instead moving to Richmond, Va. for 2010. However, the New York-Penn League relocated its Oneonta franchise to Norwich in time for the 2010 season.

Game # Date League Level Result
164 Sun 2-Jul-1995 Eastern AA New Britain 8, NORWICH 3
394 Sun 12-Sep-1999 Eastern AA Trenton 4, NORWICH 1
467 Sun 15-Jul-2001 Eastern AA NORWICH 4, New Haven 2
1151 Sun 21-Aug-2011 NY-Penn A CONNECTICUT 5, Aberdeen 1
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