Chronological Tour: Stop 66

The Beehive

Beehive Field, Jul-2001, six seasons after it was used in the minors.

A good look at the seating, as well as the off-center press box.

The field, which looks out over New Britain High School, is still used for high school and American Legion games.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
New Britain, Conn., home of the Stanley Works and Central Connecticut State University, has also been home to minor league baseball for several years. Joe “Buzz” Buzas, an influential minor league executive, moved the Bristol Sox down the road and converted this field into The Beehive.

The park was serviceable, but not spectacular. Much of the construction here was wood, making it look a lot older than it really was. Aisles were narrow, and the park was uncomfortable at times.

Buzas was faced with several options when it came time to upgrade. He toyed with moving the club north to Springfield, Mass., which hadn’t had a team for years, but instead he committed to staying in the Hardware City. As a result, his club played at the adjacent New Britain Stadium for the next twenty seasons.

An exterior shot in Beehive’s playing days.
The field, in use for an Eastern League game.

Game # Date League Level Result
147 Sun 21-Aug-1994 Eastern AA Canton-Akron 3, NEW BRITAIN 2, 1st
148 Sun 21-Aug-1994 Eastern AA NEW BRITAIN 4, Canton-Akron 2, 2d
166 Tue 4-Jul-1995 Eastern AA New Haven 9, NEW BRITAIN 5
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