Chronological Tour: Stop 77

Nat Bailey Stadium

Home plate entrance to Nat Bailey Stadium, Aug-2013.

The main seating bowl, as seen during a sellout.

The field sits at the edge of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
Vancouver is arguably the nicest “big city” in Canada and a gem of the Pacific Northwest (although I hear Victoria, B.C., is even nicer). Here, on the eastern edge of Queen Elizabeth Park, you find Nat Bailey Stadium, longtime home of the Vancouver Canadians.

The team got its name and colors from one of Canada’s most popular beers (the brewer, based in Montréal, had an interest in the team). The stadium, on the other hand, is named for the fellow who started a chain of British Columbia restaurants called White Spot (thanks to Bill Gedye of Victoria, B.C., for supplying that tidbit). The attractive stadium was one of the few I saw on my 1994 tour to feature a live organist during its games.

The PCL Canadians were sold in 1999 to an interest that moved it to Sacramento, Calif., for the 2000 season. This meant the PCL playoff games in 1999 would be the last Triple-A contests at Nat Bailey, at least for now. Fortunately, about 38 home dates per season were salvaged for the park when a Northwest League team moved in for 2000 and adopted the Canadians name.

During the spring months when the Canadians aren’t playing, the University of British Columbia baseball team calls Nat Bailey Stadium its home. The Thunderbirds play in NAIA Region 1, playing mostly U.S. competition, including several NCAA Division 1 teams.

Game # Date League Level Result
159 Fri 9-Sep-1994 Pacific Coast AAA VANCOUVER 7, Salt Lake 6, 12 inn
160 Sat 10-Sep-1994 Pacific Coast AAA Salt Lake 3, VANCOUVER 1
161 Sun 11-Sep-1994 Pacific Coast AAA Salt Lake 1, VANCOUVER 0, 14 inn
1278 Tue 20-Aug-2013 Northwest A VANCOUVER 2, Salem-Keizer 1, 11 inn
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