Phoenix Muni

Exterior of Phoenix Muni with Arizona State promotional materials visible, Oct-2016.

A look at most of the seating bowl from down the right-field line.

The view from behind the plate near sunset.

Quick Facts:
Phoenix Municipal Stadium, which sits right on the city line with Tempe, hosted the Phoenix Firebirds of the Pacific Coast League for a quarter-century, until they moved up the road a ways to Scottsdale Stadium. It was still used for spring training and the Arizona Fall League for several seasons after that, but with the Athletics moving to a renovated HoHoKam Park in Mesa for the spring of 2015, the old park will be limited to use by college and amateur teams. Arizona State University is now its primary inhabitant.

While I was not able to get into Phoenix Muni during my April 2004 visit, I was able to get a few decent angles from beyond the fence. I have replaced those photos with shots from October 2016, when an Arizona State staffer was kind enough to let me into the ballpark.

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