HoHoKam Park

Home-plate entrance to HoHoKam Park, Apr-2004.

The field as seen from beyond the right-field fence, Jul-2014.

Quick Facts:
The Hohokam were a Native American tribe that inhabited the Phoenix area in pre-Columbian times. They built the original canals, some of which are still in use.

In the mid-20th century, a service organization began in the Mesa area and adopted the HoHoKam name. One of its members was a gentleman farmer and landholder named Dwight W. Patterson. In 1952, he lured the Chicago Cubs to Mesa for spring training, solidifying the Cactus League. In his honor, the field at HoHoKam Park bears his name.

I was not able to get inside HoHoKam Park to take photos on my 2004 or 2014 visits The park was undergoing significant renovations in 2014 so the Oakland Athletics could take over as its spring training tenant; the Cubs moved across town to Sloan Park.

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