Copper King Stadium

Exterior of Copper King Stadium, Jul-2014.

The seating bowl, as seen from beyond the right-field wall.

A look at the field from directly behind the plate.

Quick Facts:
This stadium was originally built to host a team shared with Bisbee, 22 miles west. The team left Bisbee after the 1955 season and survived three more years before folding along with the Arizona-Mexico League. It became active again briefly in 2003 for a short-lived reincarnation of the AZ-Mex League, and then the independent Pecos League put a team here in 2014. As in high school football, that team was set as a natural rival of Bisbee.

The outfield wall proclaims the eight state championships won by the Douglas Bulldogs, who have also played here for most of the life of the park.

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