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Ray Winder Field

Walking up to the last professional game at Ray Winder Field, Sep-2006.

The park features real seats, a real roof, and lots of foul territory.

Interstate 630 reshaped the outfield wall in the early 1960s.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
Ray Winder Field was the home of baseball in Arkansas’ capital city from 1932 to 2006, with the exception of just two seasons, and the Arkansas Travelers have been a Texas League fixture since 1966. The field came to be named after Winder when he brought a club back to Little Rock following the demise of the Southern Association.

The final final score.
It was an old but well-maintained park, with real seats and a roof, and lots of foul-ball territory. As of my visit in 1993, the A-Travs still hired a live organist to provide between-innings entertainment, one of the few on any level (especially in the minors) to do so. The organist retired in the early 2000s but was brought back for the closing weekend. These photos were taken at the final game 3-Sep-2006, in which the Travelers defeated the Springfield Cardinals 7-3.

In August 2005, voters across the Arkansas River in North Little Rock approved a sales tax increase to finance Dickey-Stephens Park, into which the Travelers moved in 2007. The park is named for ballplaying brothers Bill and George Dickey and their businessman friends Jack and Witt Stephens.

Game # Date League Level Result
91 Sat 14-Aug-1993 Texas AA Jackson 8, ARKANSAS 1
849 Sun 3-Sep-2006 Texas AA ARKANSAS 7, Springfield 3
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