Chronological Tour: Stop 147

Too Big for Its Own Good?

Exterior of Joe W. Davis Stadium, Aug-2014.

The long football stands at a park no longer used for that sport.

A typically sparse crowd watches the Stars on an August evening.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
This multi-purpose facility seats over 10,000 for whatever sport you play there, but the seats are aligned in a football configuration, taking something away from the place.

The result is a shorter seating area in right field than in left. The left-field seats actually curve around into the outfield, providing end zone seating for football, although not quite as many seats as are found on the right field line (the other end zone).

For me, the park was a little too sterile, although it could have been the smallish crowd that gathered the evening I saw it. Like many parks in the South, attendance suffers on warm evenings unless there’s a promotion to draw the fans in.

Huntsville and the Stars actually got along less than fabulously, and after 30 years at the Joe, the team relocated to Biloxi, Miss., early in the 2015 season. I made a return trip at the end of 2014, and fewer than five hundred fans showed up for what turned out to be a Stars victory. Football is no longer played here, and it is believed that the stadium, which sits on valuable real estate, will be torn down after the team moves out.

Game # Date League Level Result
340 Thu 27-Aug-1998 Southern AA HUNTSVILLE 7, Jacksonville 2
1344 Wed 20-Aug-2014 Southern AA HUNTSVILLE 6, Jackson 4
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