Rickwood Field

Exterior of Rickwood Field, Jul-2004.

A look at the seating bowl, from right field.

Some outfield advertising signs have either been retained or restored.

Quick Facts:
When I visited Hoover Metropolitan Stadium in August 1993, someone told me that Rickwood Field was nearby. So the first thing I did the next morning, before heading for Tupelo, Memphis, and eventually a game in Little Rock, was drive over there. I returned to the site in July 2004 and refreshed my photos.

Rickwood Field is the oldest baseball park still standing in the United States that is still used for professional baseball. Even though the Barons moved to suburban Hoover in 1988 and are now playing at downtown Regions Field, the organization Friends of Rickwood sponsors a single game each year between the Barons and one of their Southern League opponents at Rickwood, usually in June.

Site visitor Larry Jones advises that, according to a conversation he had with Birmingham GM Glen West in 1975, the right-field stands are seats that were removed from the Polo Grounds in upper Manhattan prior to its demolition following the 1963 season.

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