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Revised in November 2007

The LBPPR has canceled the 2007-08 season, for the first time in 70 years, "for financial reasons." It's not clear how or when this situation changes, as meager attendance has been a mainstay since I was visiting annually (last in 2001).

The memories on this site of Puerto Rico winter baseball are yours to enjoy, but the other Web sites whose links are here seem to be inactive, and the specific information here is likely to be obsolete.

Links to other pages appear below. There are also pages with individual reviews of specific teams, or click anywhere on the map to see a nearby team:

Arecibo (no page)
* with detail map

In the capital district, Carolina is one city east of San Juan, beyond the airport, and Caguas is the first city south on the toll road. Westward on the north shore, Manatí is half an hour west and Arecibo is twice as far. Ponce and Mayagüez are more distant, but accessible without staying overnight. The green lines are expressways, and the bright green ones are toll roads.

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